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Our Team

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Ready to satisfy all your needs, offering unique dishes where tradition and innovation come together to create the best Italian cuisine..

San Lorenzo Restaurant is made of people ~

All the staff of the restaurant San Lorenzo is distinguished by its uncompromising dedication to the aspect of hospitality and the great passion for gastronomy.
Our staff is the most important resource.

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Gianfranco Lucchesi
Gianfranco LucchesiOwner
For years he has transformed his passion for Italian cuisine into a true gastronomic experience with which to delight the palate of his customers. In love with the tradition and flavors of Tuscany, he decided to take them to the heart of Warsaw, where he gave birth to his dream by opening the San Lorenzo Restaurant, much more than a simple place to eat, but a place to meet, share and at the same time getting to know each other, because every customer is also a friend, to spoil and to let live a magical experience in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The attention to detail and love for the kitchen make him the great owner that anyone visiting San Lorenzo will appreciate.
Luca Dolfi
Luca DolfiChef

Luca Dolfi is an Italian native of Tuscany. He has extensive experience in his profession acquired through many years of work in renowned places in Italy, which allowed him to learn the secrets of tradition and make them his own, in a kitchen where past and future meet, and merge into an exalted union from the warm and romantic that only a restaurant in the heart of Warsaw can offer. For over 15 years he has been head chef in the San Lorenzo restaurant in Warsaw, and is committed to impressing the palates of all his customers, conquering even the most demanding with his recipes. He achieved his success thanks to his great humility, diligence and perseverance, qualities that make him not only a master of the stoves, but also the great person who turns out to be, always ready to work to improve himself and make food something more than a simple whim: everything that is created by his hands is art.

Kuba Boruc
Kuba BorucSous-chef
As aspiring chef, he works closely with chef Luca Dolfi
and his staff.
Marta Borucka
Marta BoruckaHead waiter/waitress
When Marta shows her smile, people tend not to forget her.

We are at your service

We take care of you and we satisfy all your needs, to win the hearts and palates of our guests.
Anastazja Shevchenko
Anastazja ShevchenkoPizzeria attendant
Anastazja has many talents, one of them is preparing super tasty Pizzas.


Discover the names of our renowned team.

Łukasz NIespodziński
Łukasz NIespodzińskiWaiter
He understand exactly what customers want and helps them in choosing the best combinations.

We put our hearts into it

With our impeccable service and our unique dishes we try to convey our love for Italian cuisine.
Roman Piechnik
Roman PiechnikManager
Roman works hard to understand and meet the needs of our customers.
Full of energy. Paweł works tirelessly, between a cup of coffee and another.
Katarzyna Kovalchuk
Katarzyna KovalchukWaitress
Katarzyna's enthusiasm inspires all those around her to be more positive.
Daniel Nawrocki
Daniel NawrockiWaiter
The youngest of our team, tends to make friends with everyone he talks to.
Always ready to help, Szymon materializes in front of customers when they need it.

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